a belated thanksgiving.

You know how I mentioned how much I really love Thanksgiving?
Well, that was an understatement.
Because I freaking LOVE Thanksgiving.


It's so nice to take a {well-needed} break from the craziness of work and classes to just sit at home with your family. And of course, eat an embarrassing amount of food.

And actually read for the first time in weeks.

Going back to school was quite possibly the most depressing thing I've ever experiencedLuckily, we only have three more weeks until winter break!!!

And then, you know, England... {!!!!!!!!}

Oh, did I mention they are only allowing me to take one suitcase?

One suitcase.

For goodness' sake, I practically pack a full suitcase just to go home on the weekend. I'm not saying I'm high-maintancence or anything, BUUUUT I really like to have choices, you know? Who wants to be bogged down with only one option to wear? 

Not me. 
Because really.
Not okay.

I suppose the real question is: 

How am I going to live without my boots????

*And by the way, guys, check out my mad pie-making skills.  And my adorable baby cousin. But reeeally, MY PIEI am SUCH a talented cook.


so much love. so much.

Have I ever mentioned how much I love Wuthering Heights

Like, really truly madly deeply I'm-totally-going-to-fan-girl-geek-out-when-I-visit-the-moors-next-semester love it. It's a special book that can envoke this kind of emotion in me when I basically hate every character in it. In spite of this, it definitely makes my top five list. I just overlook the abundance of puppy-hanging.

Also, have I ever mentioned how much I love that girl up thereLike, really truly madly deeply no-one-else-will-talk-religion-and-politics-with-me-at-a-slumber-party love her. And the fact that she will watch the almost three hour Masterpiece Theater Wuthering Heights movie with me? That just makes me love her all the more. {if that's possible}

It's a rare weekend when I have my three oldest best friends with me at the same time. Which is why {despite my crazy love for them all} I hate them a little as well, BECAUSE THEY WOULDN'T LET ME TAKE A GROUP PICTURE

"Look at me! I'm a mess!"
"I'm still in my ice-skating outfit."

All of you.

So I settled for a stock photo. And as for the other two, if you wanted to be featured, maybe you shouldn't have been so vain. But next time {whenever that will be}, I'm not taking no for an answer, girls. 

You're just going to have to suck it up.


You guys, I can't even express how excited I am for Thanksgiving. And for Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. I can't help it. I adore the obscene display of American consumerismIt always feels like the start of the Christmas season.

And don't even get me started on how much I love Christmas. We'll save that for next month.

Wow. This post is just full of gushy mushy love. Perhaps it will offset all of the potentially emo or at least incredibly cryptic/rambling posts I have put up over the past 8 months. But if you find this too effusive, don't worry. I'm sure there will be plenty more existential crises to come. 

Anyway, for all my American readers, have a happy holiday! Eat lots of turkey and even more pie. For all students, enjoy the break while you can. It's finals time when we get back. For the international readers, have a lovely week and get excited
Only one more month until Christmas!    


sorry guys.

I'm totally ignoring my blog right now. My life probably won't start again until after finals. {Only two more weeks of classes!!} Just because of paper and projects and exams, of course. Not because I actually have a life. That's a laughable thought. But I'll get a real post up by Tuesday at the latest.

I promise.

No, for real, this time, I mean it.

One of my best friends is coming up to visit me this weekend, so I'm sure I'll have plenty of pictures to post in a few days.

And by the way, we're planning a "Wuthering Heights" marathon of all the movies ever made. It should be a little epic.

Stay tuned.


so i've been thinking.

Why is my life not like an episode of Gilmore Girls?

I want to be Rory Gilmore.

Like, so SO bad.

And I want to get into hilarious shenanigans with my mother and the other members of my crazy town. {I mean, my hometown is crazy, but not in the sweet, quirky way. Mostly in the "we're going to make domestic violence legal" way, which is not as cute.} And although I love my college, I wanted so badly to go to Yale. {Not exactly affordable} And to live within driving distance of New York. {Hopefully this will soon be remedied} And I'll be completely honest in saying that I'd always wished I could have gone to private school.  {Because skirts and sweaters and knee socks? Comfortable and adorable}

And can I just say, Rory has uncommonly good luck with guys. 

I mean, like, really really good luck.

The kind where guys are constantly fighting over her because she's so awesome or beautiful or intelligent or whatever. 

{Where do you find the boys who like the smart quirky girls? I think that species may be extinct, or at least really endangered, like perhaps there are only a handful of them left and they're all hidden away in some exotic place like M.I.T.... Or the Internet.}

I kind of hate her for it.

Plus, how is it that I have basically this exact haircut but my hair never looks this fantastic? 

Please tell me someone is with me here.


yes, this happened.

As promised.

Spike in all his golden glory.

I really hope at least a few of you guys are Buffy fans. Otherwise you probably have no idea what I'm talking about.

Although, come to think about it, you may have no idea what I'm talking about quite a lot.  I do tend toward rambling.

My Halloween was spent studying for seven hours straight in a corner cafe {with bottomless coffee} for this ridiculously hard test that may determine whether I get a paid internship this summer. And then, after the test, going home to write a paper.

And then watching The Nightmare Before Christmas until all hours of the night, because I was going to do something fun on Halloween, damn it!

I know, right? I think I got too crazy there at the end.

I didn't get to dress up as Velma because 1) I couldn't find a single pair of knee-high orange socks, and 2) I was actually studying most of the weekend for the test anyway. Although I did manage to get in a couple scary-movie showings on Saturday night {Amityville Horror, while totally absurd and a little bit hilarious, has definitely risen to the top of my Halloween movie list from now on}.

But next year, I will hunt down those socks like a bloodhound on the trail. I will go store to store, tearing apart shelving displays and neatly hung racks of clothing until I find a pair. 

Or I will just take to the Internet. 

Either or.

Anyone do anything better than me for Halloween?
{Judging from the state of this post, I expect a lot of replies}


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