i want a bunny. or really a dog. but a bunny is close enough.

Because really.
How can you resist this face? 

Europe definitely made me pet crazy with their I'm-going-to-bring-my-puppy-into-this-Italian-restaurant-and-let-it-sit-in-the-chair-while-I-feed-it-meatballs thing. And I want a dog soooo badly, but it's hard with my schedule and my uncertain future living arrangements and my insufficient funds. I suppose I will have to wait a little longer.
At least I'll have my cat back next semester.
{er, well, my roommate's cat... but she likes me better...}
That being said, she's kind of a bitch.
The cat, I mean...

Not much has been going on around here. Working and studying for the GRE and writing on my new book and reading reading reading. I swear, it's like I'm on a binge right now. I've been finishing a book every two days. I'd forgotten how good it feels just to read, all night, long after everyone else has gone to bed, when the witching hour strikes and the stories become just a little more real.

And you guys, I'm still loving Minneapolis. I went to the beach with some friends yesterday, stuffed myself full of hot dogs and s'mores, and sucked in enough courage to swim in the icky murky lake water {...even though I'm convinced I will one day discover a dead body in a lake somewhere. Lakes just seem to be perfect breeding grounds for dead bodies}. But this city {well, Twin Cities} is amazing. There are so many FREE THINGS to do here, and free things are pretty much the best things. Although I must say they are a bit wimpy when it comes to heat. It hits the 90s here and there are articles about it in the paper screaming HEAT ADVISORY and no one wants to go outside because they're afraid they'll melt. But I'm from Kansas. I know a thing or two about melting {anyone??}. It's 110 degrees back home.

So of course I'm perfectly happy where I am.

Except for the fact that I have to work both this weekend and on the Fourth of July. 
Not cool, Pioneer Press. 
Messing with my 2nd favorite holiday?
Not. Cool.


the little things i need most in my life right now #2.

More of these people.

late night worries.

Sometimes this despairing fear hits me, and I'm all of a sudden desperate for something, anything to show me what I'm supposed to be doing right now.
Where I'm supposed to be headed.

I want a life GPS.

That way, while I may not have to follow its directions perfectly, I'll know it'll get me where I want to be in the end. 

Because trust me, I know where I want to be.

I just don't know how to get there.


pretty good semester for 'the list.'

I'm rethinking this whole '30 in 30' list idea. I am now able to cross five things off my list, and all in the last six months. So I'm saying, why just stop at 30? There's so much more than just those things that I'm dying to do at some point in my life {to be more precise, traveling around Europe has added about 1,000 more things to the list of things I want to do}
Expect a major List extension in the next few months.

And now, without further fussing and rambling and adoing: 


5. Study abroad in England

Okay, so that middle picture is actually Scotland, but as I've overanalyzed in three separate posts {four, if you count this one}, Scotland was probably the top highlight of my semester. But if I'm honest, everything about my semester was a highlight {well, besides contracting some nasty European form of bronchitis from which I'm still recovering...}. I met people I'll never forget and I visited places that I'm already planning to visit again. I could blather on and on about how it changed me and shaped me and made me a stronger, more independent person, but I think I'll just stick with this for now.

It was really freaking fun.

8. Have afternoon tea in London.

 Except for when I have a cold, I've never been a tea person. It has always tasted more or less like hot water to me {and just really can't compare to the bitter liquid ambrosia that is a strong cup of black coffee}. That being said, OHMYGOD TEA AT HARROD'S WAS AMAZING. While I still may not get their tea obession, their scones and jams and clotted cream had me ready to convert right there.

And, I'll admit it, I never felt more English than I did in that moment.

24. Climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower

Okay, so I didn't actually climb to the top. Hey, I don't want to hear it people, by that point I was slowly having the life sucked out of me by some freaky European parasite akin in my mind to the centipede they stick in Neo's belly-button at the beginning of The Matrix. Give me a break. And this way, I got to enjoy some stunning views without having to have CPR. Because really, there a A LOT of stairs there...

I did climb to the top of Notre Dam, though. Perhaps not as impressive sounding, but the view was better and Notre Dam has gargoyles.

26. Taste really fine wine.

For the record, the wine in this photo wasn't it. However, I do not have photos of the {ridiculous amount?} of fine wine I enjoyed while traveling through Europe. Not saying I'm a wino or anything, but I'm definitely saying I've gained an {absurdly ridiculous amount of?} appreciation. My favorites? The glass of Bordeaux I had with my parents at a tiny little restaurant in Paris AND pretty much every glass {/bottle.........} I had in Italy {or maybe should say every glass I lived off. I mean, it was cheaper than the water}
 28. Explore an old castle

Check about ten times. I mean, did you guys know that Europe is just lousy with castles? They're just kind of haphazardly thrown about the countryside {/city. Yeah, that's you I'm talking about, Edinburgh}. You'll be driving through some nice hills an then BAM there's a castle just sitting there all nonchalantly as if to say, 'Oh don't mind me, I've just been chilling out here for hundreds and/or thousands of years of wars and drama and dragon seiges. It's not like I'm anything special...'

Oh dear, my dears. 

I really do miss Europe.


not a bad start.

This summer is a bit sacred to me. Not to be dramatic, but it's kind of my last one. Or at least my last one before I'm... I don't know, grown? At least, that's what it feels like. And yet this summer is a bit of a beginning, too, as if the next school year is just a brief intermission between now, the start of my on-my-own life, and the rest of it. For the first time in my life, I'm not going to suffer through the heat of a Kansas summer. I'm here, in Minneapolis, falling in love with a new {American} city for the first time. And guys, I am really truly falling in love.

I spent my first weekend here exploring the city with my favorite people in the world. I have to say, I already miss my family like crazy, but I am so glad we got to spend a few more days together before we were separated for the summer. I mean, who better to laugh with me at the bathroom machines with extremely intense security systems preventing people from stealing its tampons, sour candy, lip balm and glow sticks?

It's going to be an interesting summer.


i know, i know...

 I've been gone for waaaay too long. It's been a crazy few weeks, though, from flying home to job training to moving to Minneapolis... But I'm back now with pictures of what was pretty much a major highlight of my life. I got to go to Hogwarts.

I think the pictures are pretty self-explanatory. Sorry Disney,  but Leavesden Studios wins as the happiest place on Earth. They had EVERYTHING from the movies... {well, minus Rupert Grint and Tom Felton, but I suppose I can forgive them for that}. But my favorite was the ginormous replica of Hogwarts. I think everyone kind of teared up a little, big Harry Potter geeks that we are. It just took my breath away, it was so stunning. The picture does not do it justice. After all those days waiting for my late Hogwarts letter, I was finally there.

 And of course I had to round out the day with tea at Harrods. All in all, it was the perfect last day in England.

I miss it {and them} already. 
I still can't believe it's all over.

Expect more posts soon, I promise. I'm all settled in Minneapolis and I just started my job this week. Minneapolis is amazing, it really is, and I'm kind of in love. Perfect weather, beautiful area, so many things to do... I'm going to the farmer's market tomorrow and  buying an herb. I don't know which herb, but it's definitely time to start that herb garden I've been dreaming about since working at The Herb Companion last summer. Of course, we'll see if I can actually keep a plant alive for once. That's why it's probably best to take this garden thing one step at a time.

It feels good to be back. 
Another post up in a few days!

Hope the beginning of your summer has been as magical {and busy} as mine.



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