misery, thy name is benjamin franklin. well, sort of.

This is what I get for procrastinating.

This is what I get for putting off an 8-page paper until the day before it's due. Or actually, this is what I get for putting off an 8-page paper until the day before it's due when I know I am the slowest writer in the world. Seriously, Guinness will corroborate this claim. It's a sad reality for an English major, but right now I have no words to write about what I am actually supposed to be writing about

These caged books are a blatant metaphor for my life right now. And I, like them, will be caged indefinitely, trapped in my corner until the end of time. Or until my test at 9:30 a.m. tomorrow, whichever should come first.

Today was miserable, but at least I was told that I only have to take 15 hours next semester and not 18, as I originally thought. So there's that...

But my happiness was short-lived. Benjamin Franklin is not-so-humbly forcing me to write more about how awesome and inspirational and American dream-like his life was. 
This AmLit paper is calling me back, so wish me luck.

That, or a swift and painless end.

Either or.


my life as of late.

The Color Run.

It really is the happiest 5k in the world. Or, translated, the only 5k in which I wanted to kick kittens and punch babies throughout only 65 percent of it.

I really need to get back on that treadmill. School and work and work and work is kind of getting in the way of that, though.
Yeah, you read that correctly. 

Apparently that foreign bronchitis bug from hell not only allowed me the pleasure of missing half of my family's French vacation but also aided me in development of a case of LIFE-LONG ASTHMA. Complete with inhaler. So if running didn't make me want to kick kittens and punch babies, that would have.

You guys, I have so much to do in the upcoming months. I know my posts have been seriously lacking in the proliferation department. Mentally right now, I am crouching in a corner in a dark room, rocking back and forth with my head in my hands, muttering a string of expletives about thesis writing and design projects and grad school applications and that too-quickly-yet-not-quickly-enough approaching graduation date. Maybe I'll come back into my sanity once winter break arrives. Maybe. Probably not. Although I'll hopefully have my thesis done, so at least there's that.
{Who am I kidding, there is no way it will be done by then, but thinkhappythoughtsthinkhappythoughts}

I do have one evanescent ray of sunlight in this seemingly endless stretch of senior-year darkness:

I have finally found knee-high orange socks.

Er, well, I suppose they are actually more shin high, but pshaw. 

So you know what this means, don't you?


On as much as she can be, seeing as how I have to work on Halloween this year. But I don't care. I will be wearing my ugly orange sweater, red skirt and chunky glasses to edit the ceaseless stream of {identical?} sports stories that is a game-day college newspaper.

OK. Now that I have efficiently procrastinated from thesis research for a good 45 minutes, I'd better get back to it.

I keep longingly thinking back to the days when I was a biology major. 
That was a piece of apple pie compared to this.

I'm just saying, my nose is a little raw from rubbing on that grindstone this semester.

Only 56 more days until winter break. In other words, only 56 more days until I can actually read for fun again. 

And even when I was some 4,000 miles away in England, my bookshelf has never seemed as far away as it does right now.


ye olde jolly weekend.

So you know those bands you love but who, in spite of your enduring devotion, still manage to suck live?

Yeah, the Lumineers is NOT one of those bands.

It blew my mind to discover that the Lumineers may turn out to be the best live band I've ever seen {shhhh, don't tell Benjamin! Benjy, I still love you best!}. They really knew how to interact with a crowd, and I'm fairly certain each band member knew how to play at least three different instruments: Piano, cello, guitar, drums, and a freaking mandolin? Who even knows how to play a mandolin? Apparently the Lumineers...

Seriously, I cannot tout them enough. It was a magical evening, and if they are coming anywhere near you anytime soon, SEE THEM. That is an order.

After the concert, this last week was only one of the most miserable weeks of my existence. Too many projects, too much reading, too many long nights of work, blah blah tear tear I know. But thankfully that's over. As I'm just coming off of one of the best weekends I've had in a long time, I hope that will tide me over until my brother and I can go see "Perks of Being a Wallflower" on Thursday {SO EXCITED}.

On Saturday my roommate Stephanie and I got to see one of our favorite shows, Spring Awakening. I've seen it two other times, and even though this was a smaller production than I was used to, they did a brilliant job with it. If you guys have never seen it, get on that. It's definitely a controversial show, but it is also so beautiful and showcases so much talent. Here's one of my favorite songs from the Broadway version:

Also, I'm kind of in love with Jonathan Groff, I won't lie. I mean, really, who wouldn't be?

And then yesterday...

BAM. The Renaissance Festival. Otherwise known as RenFest. Otherwise known as the only place where I could carry around a gigantic leg of turkey without disgusting the general population...

So many creepy and wonderful people. And look at that wittle owl face! I must say, when your meals for the day consist of a turkey leg, cherry shaved ice and sour gummy worms, you know you're doing okay

Plus, I saw a mermaid. A REAL LIVE MERMAID. I know because the shabbily garbed man guarding her tank told me so.

But today I have to slowly come to terms with the fact that the weekend is over. Tomorrow another long week starts off with a bang. But until then, can you guess what I'll be doing? That's right. It's October.

Halloween movie marathon month.

Bring it on.


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