it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. and i hate it.

Okay. Stop. Just stop. When did this ^ happen? 
I'm starting to have tri-daily panic attacks like clockwork when I realize how much work I have yet to do in the next three weeks. And I honestly have no idea how this work is going to get done.

I hate that my blog has fallen by the wayside this semester. Although, really, everything I enjoy doing has started to fall by the wayside. I can't even read anymore, which is the cruelest punishment a university can devise. And between classes and writing my thesis and working three jobs and applying for graduation and grad school and summer programs, well... it's hard to see a book in sight.

But the next three weeks {at least} are devoted solely to finishing my thesis and then getting some semblance of my life back, so as much as I hate it, my blogging break is going to have to stretch on a little further. And it's not just blogging that I'm giving up. I'm still bitter about having to turn down a free trip to the ballet this weekend. I have to keep repeating to myself, 'Three more weeks, only three more weeks. Or four. But hopefully three...'

But enough about that. I know I've been singing the same song for the past few months, and I would probably hate me if I weren't me. I kind of hate me now anyway. Or maybe that's just the paper-writing haze. I promise there will come a day when I am not complaining about my 'To Do' list. It may be some day in the distant future, but there will come a day!

Thanksgiving was low-key, just the way I love it. Macy's Parade, pumpkin pie {and pumpkin pie and pumpkin pie and pumpkin pie}, family gathering, leftover turkey and a few glorious relaxing nights at home with my mother cooking real food for me. And of course, Christmas decorating. Can't forget that.

I can't believe Christmas is just around the corner. I swear last December was, like, a month ago. I still can't wrap my mind around everything I've done in the past year, and maybe I'm not supposed to. Maybe it should seem a little surreal. Maybe I appreciate it more because of that. 

But I have to say, even in the craze of the last few months, this year still has been the best year of my life. 

No competition.

I'll be back in action as soon as I can. But until then, stay warm, drink plenty of white peppermint mochas and survive the Mayan apocalypse.

Ciao bellas!



I can't believe it's November, you guys. Where has the time gone? 
Oh yeah, to my homework, that's where. 

Senior year...

I need this semester to be over, now, please.


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