snow many snow days.

And snow many snow puns.

After my last three days of classes were canceled, I don't know how I'm expected to ever go back to school.

That's kind of a problem.

There has got to be something I should be doing right now...


snowpocalypse nowish?

I love snow.

I do.

I love snow in January. I love snow in December. I even love snow in November, if we're lucky enough to get it.

But I do NOT love snow at the end of February.

I'm ready for spring now. Winter has been great and all, but I am pretty much over it. And yet, the weather does not care what I want, because after the snowpocalypse of Thursday/Friday {and after two snow days — hey, no complaints about that}, we are due for another foot of snow tomorrow and Tuesday. And as it's really unlikely they'll cancel school again this week, I'm going to have to venture out in the raging blizzard. I must say, there is nothing I hate more than driving in the snow and ice. 

It's a phobia.

 And it's what I get to look forward to the next few days, when all I want to do is curl up in bed with a book and a cup of tea.


March cannot get here quickly enough.

I just have to hold on to the knowledge that in three weeks, my mother and I will be up to crazy Chicago shenanigans. Not to mention that we should be loaded up to our eyes in shopping bags. 

So until it's a little warmer and a little less wet:




This semester I'm taking a design class and learning, for the first time, how to use Dreamweaver.

So expect sometime before June to see this place completely transformed. We're talking BIG changes, people, like a redesigned header, moving to a two-column format, rewriting all my "about" information, and more. It probably won't happen until the end of April to the middle of May, but when I'm redesigning, I'll have to shut my blog down for a while. But don't worry; I'll be back.
{I know, I know, you're all asking yourselves if this is a promise or a threat}

I'm almost a big girl.

I need to have a big girl blog.

And I think this is the right time to do it.

So keep an eye out, and I'll see you soon!


one step forward...

It's fitting that I'm reaching that 200-post milestone today. 

Today just feels like a milestone kind of day.

As embarrassing as it is to find out I got into graduate school and then proceed to burst into tears in the middle of your morning design class, I can't imagine a happier day than today. Definitely an occasion to buy myself a red velvet cupcake {...and red velvet tea...} and a copy of The New Yorker to have my own little celebratory party alone in my apartment on a Friday afternoon. 
{Although I must say, the red velvet cupcake/tea combination sounded much better in theory than its sickly sweet reality.}

We were in the middle of a lecture on using InDesign when I realized NYU had sent me an email. In the too-long time it took to load the admissions letter, I'd already started hyperventilating in my seat — like, we're talking full-on panic attack {even six hours later, I am still a little shaky}. I cannot even properly describe how it felt the second my eyes found that "Congratulations..." opening line. My mind, for lack of anything more profound to say, went completely limp. I hadn't been expecting to hear from NYU until at least mid-March, so not only did NYU just make me the happiest girl this side of the Mississippi, but they also probably saved my sanity. So that was nice of them.

From literally the first day I decided I was going to pursue a career in publishing, NYU's publishing program was what I've been working toward. In fact, it was finding out that this program existed that made me finally make up my mind that I was going to uproot my life and head in another direction. I've wanted this for so long that, now that I have reached my goal, I'm not really sure what to do with myself. 

Besides cry, of course, which I already did.

So come June, I will be moving to New York City to attend NYU's Summer Publishing Institute. And after that, the plan is for me to continue on with graduate school for an M.S. in Publishing degree.
{Well, I still have to figure out how to pay for this, but that's a worry for a different day}

I'm getting so close to being everything I want to be...

I can't believe this is my life.


the groundhog has spoken. {alternative title: phil is such a plebeian name for someone who is basically american royalty}

This. ^

Thank the groundhog for those little things that make your day worth living.

I can't even tell you how much I need spring right now. I mean, winter, I love you and all your scarfy, bootsy goodnes. I swear, not many people appreciate below-freezing temperatures as much as I do. But as I'm all sorts of out-of-sorts right now, I have to say, I just need a tiny bit of warmth.

I'll save my whining. I've already bored you with my grad school/future/money/life woes. And of course my out-of-sortsness isn't helped by the massive amounts of sugar and caffeine I've consumed in the last 24 hours... Let's be real. What I really need is some Enya right now.

But seriously, Phil. You made my day.

Sleep well until next February.
{Or, you know, whatever the hell else he does for the other 364 days of the year}


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