firsts and lasts.

I feel like I'm running in slow motion, trying desperately to keep up as time passes me by. This semester is going so fast {although too fast or not fast enough, I'm not sure}. There's a part of me still unable to believe I'm already in the middle of my last spring break ever, and there's another part of me unsure how I'm going to force myself to return to school for the last month and a half. 

All I know for certain is I'm happy now, after spending the last few days glued to my family's rocking chair reading and reading and reading like I'll never get another chance. And let's be real, I won't, at least until finals are over... and summer programs are over... and grad school is over... and I retire... 

Oh my God, I'll never get another chance to read again, will I?

But let's not think about that right now.

Because tomorrow I'm going to Chicago for the first time.

And I plan on eating bagels and cheesecake and shopping with my mama until I drop dead of exhausted satisfaction.

Also, I get to finally see my favorite painting in person.

And we're going to see The Book of Mormon. And The Second City. And the Blue Man Group.

Plus, pizza.

And mama-daughter time.

And I'll admit it. I just REALLY need a vacation. Before I have to go back to being a Big Girl with a job and a life and {I swear} an endless amount of work.

But I'll be back soon with enough pictures to gorge yourself on.

Ah, there's nothing better than being a city girl off to the city!


just one of those days.

when i can't seem to calm my twisting stomach or that overwhelming urge to crawl out of 
my own skin.
you know, superman-style {although perhaps a little bloodier}.

when i want to do everything and nothing or at least something that will make me forget — or remember.
 i'm never sure which will make me happier.

when i want to run or hide or disappear. 

to be anywhere but here.




let's be honest. 

when i really want to be there.

but instead i'm trapped under too many layers of blankets and unrealized potential.

trapped, protected, 
when does there stop being a difference?

so i'll let nostalgia run me down until i'm tired enough to dream of yesterday.

tomorrow can wait.

it always does.


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